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Mario's Interview of the Month with Jason Hook
Godin Multiac Nylon Duet
These days Jason Hook is a busy guy. He just wrapped up production on the forthcoming Bullet Boys CD produced by Andy Johns (Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy) and currently on a world tour with Mandy Moore. Not only is Jason a talented guitarist and all around nice guy, he’s also a fellow Canadian who just happens to love his Godin guitars.

Mario: Jason, I know you’ve been playing for years, are you self taught?
Jason: I actually started piano lessons when I was 6 years old. I hated it, but seemed to be able to play simple melodies. I really wanted to be a drummer but got turned on by guitar when I saw the cover of Kiss Alive. My parents bought me an acoustic guitar and found this amazing private teacher, Allister Morrison who would drive to my house every Wednesday. I took lessons with him till I was about 12.

Mario: Who influenced you and who are you listening to now?
Jason: Ironically, I never really liked guitar players. I really just liked bands with good singers and good songs. I love singers like Glen Hughes, Steve Perry, Paul Stanley, and Don Henley. I listened to the Police for the early eighties, but never considered Andy Summers an influence. If I had to name a few it would be Ritchie Blackmore, Ace Frehley, Neil Schon, Zakk Wild, Steve Shelski. A pretty unusual list right? Someone took me to see Jeff Beck I was really impressed, very moody music. And the stuff the guy plays with no pick is amazing but I wouldn’t jam it driving around in my car you dig?

Mario: It must be cool to be in two really different bands. Bullet Boys and Mandy Moore. Do you use the same gear or do you need different set-ups?
Jason: Two totally different set-ups. With Bullet Boys I’m loud and proud. Marshall’s etc… With Mandy I’m playing all acoustic and classical guitar.

Mario: What’s the hardest thing about juggling two bands?
Jason: I have been pretty fortunate to avoid scheduling conflicts so far. Mandy does a lot of one-off stuff like TV Shows and Radio Concerts during the week. The Bullet Boys will Fly out and play weekends around the country. This summer I will be missing the Bullet Boys tour and going to Europe with Mandy Moore. It was a hard decision. I’ll be regrouping with the BB’s afterwards. We (Bullet Boys) just finished a new record Produced by Andy Johns which sounds sick!

Mario: What advise can you give aspiring guitarists about playing music for a living?
Jason: Quit now while you still have a chance! No just kidding. Well, you have to be good, no; you have to be great to get referred. Living in Los Angeles has made a world of difference to me. It all happens here. On any given night out I’ll see 10 famous Musicians. Eventually you get to know some of them, they get to know you, and if you play your ass off you might get asked to join a band etc.

Mario: What would you be doing if you weren’t playing music full time?
Jason: Computers. I’m addicted to programming and graphic computer arts. Mario: What do you practice when you pick up a guitar? Jason: I never practice but if I pick up anything, it’s always my Godin Acousticaster so I can write. The Acousticaster is my favourite cause it’s small, and plays like an electric, but I can still hear it, like a semi acoustic.

Mario: What’s involved in your writing process? Does it just have to happen or do you force yourself to write?
Jason: I write all the time. That’s the fun part of music. I used to force myself to write. It made it painful. I have learned to just let it come out like I do at rehearsals and not lock yourself in the basement studio with the drum machine and 8 track recorder.

Mario: I know you own an Acousticaster that you’ve been playing for years but recently you’ve been using a Multiac Nylon Duet. What do you personally like about this guitar?
Jason: It’s perfect. Next question. No really, it has unprecedented super clear output and total control over the EQ frequency output. It’s not bulky or fragile like a regular nylon. When Mandy’s band heard me play the nylon, they couldn’t believe the sound. I recently went down to Guitar Center (Hollywood) to try the Multiac Steel string and in about 10 min in I had people asking me “What Guitar Is That?”

Mario: For the Mandy Moore world tour are you just plugging the Multiac directly into the board?
Jason: Yes. I run two outputs. The XLR output goes in to one channel into the front of house and the 1/4 inch output goes into my pedal board which allows me to tune/effects etc… then I send it out of the pedal board into a DI box and into a separate channel on the front board. The sound is God like.

Mario: Is the transition from electric to Nylon easy for you?
Jason: Yeah. The neck is a little wider but it’s not a big deal. In most cases, young guitar players hide behind distortion, not me, I love hearing clarity. I did a lot of acoustic guitar playing as a youngster.

Mario: Is the new Bullet Boys album out yet? What’s it called? Are you guys really gonna change your name?
Jason: The album will be out by summer. Hopefully the band will not be changing the name. Thank God.

Mario: What’s next for you?
Jason: I’m touring my ass off the rest of the year. Mandy’s new record is out June 19 and they have us on the road till December. We will be visiting Japan and Australia and playing every major TV show. I can’t wait! I’m playing a couple of shows on the Poison tour with Bullet Boys before then. My schedule is always posted on my website www.jasonhook.net after all that I’m going to pursue my acting. Just kidding. I would like to do another record with the Bullet Boys and maybe a solo effort but not instrumental. I would invite different singers in and record one song with each person.

Mario: Anything you’d like to add?
Jason: Just keep up the great work and thanks for all your support.

*Mario Biferali is a Product Specialist at Godin Guitars.




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