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The Duet Ambiance

Here is a brief description of the controls for the Multiac Duet Ambiance System.

Volume : This is a master volume that will control the output from the guitar. This volume is independent of the Mix so it will control the overall volume without affecting the Mix.

3 Band EQ: Treble, Mid and Bass controls to help shape the amplified sound.

Output Jack : The 1/4” jack turns on the battery when plugged in and turns the battery off when removed.

Blend : This mixes the mic presets and the undersaddle pickup. With the slider completely toward the neck, the mic is at full volume and the undersaddle pickup is completely removed. With the slider completely toward the bridge, the undersaddle pickup is at full volume and the mic is completely removed.

Mic imaging 4-way switch : The Duet Ambiance features state of the art custom electronics by Fishman, that allows the player to select between 4 individual mic image presets. Choose between these blendable sound imaging mics via the 4-way selector switch.

mic image#1: Danish Pro Audio small diaphragm condenser mic.

mic image#2: Soundelux E47 large diaphragm condenser mic.

mic image#3: Schoeps CMC64g small diaphragm condenser mic.

mic image#4: Schoeps CMC64g small diaphragm condenser mic at a distance of 16”

*4-way selector switch positions (1 through 4) go from top to bottom in playing position

Phase Switch : Changes the polarity of the signal to keep the guitar top and the loudspeaker out of phase relative to each other.

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