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The LR Baggs iBeam Duet

Here is a brief description of the controls for the iBeam Multiac System.

They are described in order of the diagram to the left starting at “Mix” and moving counterclockwise.

Null Sweep : This is a deep and very narrow fixed depth sweepable filter. The range of tuning is from off, for all practical purposes at full counterclockwise, to 320 Hz at full clock-wise.

To use: slowly sweep the Null (by rotating the knob from CCW to CW) until it “grabs” and damps any feedback. The feedback should instantly vanish as you hit the right frequency.

Phase Switch : Changes the polarity of the signal to keep the guitar top and the loudspeaker out of phase relative to each other.

3 Band EQ: Treble, Mid and Bass controls to help shape the amplified sound. They are marked on the diagram by the first letter to distinguish them from each other.

Volume : This is a master volume that will control the output from the guitar. This volume is independent of the Mix so it will control the overall volume without affecting the Mix.

Bat Level : The battery has full power when this red LED is bright. Change the battery when the LED grows dim. This LED also indicates whether or not the power is on.

Phantom Power Indicator : When this green LED is lit, the Multiac is receiving power from an external phantom power source that can only be supplied through the XLR jack.

Output Jacks : The XLR and the 1/4” jack both turn on the battery when plugged in and turn the battery off when removed. They can be used simultaneously as well as individually.

The Multiac can run off of phantom power supplied from an external source through the XLR cable. Using phantom power will automatically shut off the battery.

Mix : This mixes the iBeam and the undersaddle pickup. With the slider completely toward the neck, the iBeam is at full volume and the undersaddle pickup is completely removed. With the slider completely toward the bridge, the undersaddle pickup is at full volume and the iBeam is completely removed.

Below are a few EQ settings you might wish to try. Feel free to experiment and find your own favourite settings and sounds.

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