And the WINNER is... Marc Kakon!


One-on-one with Marc Kakon...

Tell us a little about yourself….
I was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1976. I was exposed to music and arts very young because my father was an actor and also played guitar but my very first instrument was the drums. At the age of 5 my father took me to drum lessons with a friend of his... I was hypnotised by the rhythms, I think that's why, very often when I compose, I start with the groove, it has to make me move!

Then he started to teach me the guitar around the age of 8, suddenly the beautiful world of harmonies opened to me.

I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1995, where I started to learn music in a school academy for 3 years, "Rimon school", that's when I started to in interact with amazing dream and goal were to be a professional musician and make a living from music...

What is your musical background?
It's hard to tell summarize...  at the same time, I was playing some Santana solos, Pink Floyd songs, and The Beatles etc... as well as Classical Arab and Moroccan music... Then when I entered the Academy, I had few years of learning and exploring classical and jazz music...

Who and what are your influences in the creative process of making music?
A variety of artists inspire me, from Habib Koite, to Africa, Gnawa, and Moroccan music, to Sting as well as the famous Arab singer, Oum Koultoum.... sometimes for months I could be diving and being inspired by musicians that put an accent on the beautiful dance of an harmony and a melody, in a classical way like Bach or even with a pop artist like Sting, and sometimes being inspired by exploring the complex rhythms of India or the hypnotic grooves of Africa... 

Favorite style of music?
Really? :) I couldn't list them all...

We noticed from your video that you play a Godin Multiac! What drew you to that guitar and what do you like about it?
I tried one after seeing and hearing a lot of famous artists using the Godin Multiac. I loved their sound, from electric to acoustic, then I was amazed by the a good bed to sleep on... :)  So I bought 2  :)  For me, Godin is a combination of beauty, sound, history, innovation...

Looking at our wide array of models, is there any particular one that you are interested in most? If so, why?
The Multioud... It has an amazing sound and shape and I guess is a practical instrument for a live setting. But I'm dying to try all of them..!! :)

If any, what musical projects are you involved with at the moment and /or in the near future? Albums, tours, videos, live shows?
Actually in addition to touring as an instrumentalist, I'm the main guitarist of the "Idan Raichel Project", whom I've  travelled with around the world for the last past 4 years, and have played at several festivals worldwide. We will be on tour in the US, Canada and Mexico from May 4th until the 20th...

I also compose, produce and sing and started to create and produce my own music with my Persian wife, Lital Gabai, who's a singer and composer - she's in the video. We created the "Lima Project", which you ca check out at: - combining influences in several languages from Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, French and English - it's quiet colourful  :)  We could say world pop music... and have a new single coming out soon, then the album!

How did you hear about the Contest? In print or online? And why did you enter?
I've known the Godin brand for about 15 years, and go to the website very frequently to see the new stuff - you guys are always surprising me, and I always look to see which model I want next - that's how I discovered the contest... So, I said to myself, "I have to do it, the prize is crazy, and I would be crazy to not try - I'm gonna make a fun, happy and fast track!"... and that was it!

Thanks Marc, and Congratulations - we can't wait to see what you do with your prize pack!

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