John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Godin Guitars is approaching its 2nd year as the Official Exclusive Guitar Sponsor of the John Lennon Educatioonal Tour Bus. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus travels to cities throughout the United States and Canada year-round, offering free tours and workshops in the state-of-the-art professional studio environments. In addition, the Bus continues to be present at various trade shows, music festivals and schools nationwide.

The brand new Tour Bus rolled into Anaheim and made the NAMM show its homebase for the entire 4 days and Godin was there to share in the experience...and help throw a Party on opening night. Good times were had by all!

This way to the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus!
The infamous self-portrait that John Lennon sketched of himself is the main logo for the bus and songwriting contest.
In it's second year onboard, Godin Guitars is very proud to be the official exclusive guitar sponsor of the tour bus.
The bus rolled in at 6am Thursday morning and started setting up immediately. They run a tight ship! Travelling 365 days a year and after 10 years on the road, the first tour bus was retired. This year, it was replaced by a totally new & state-of-the art, mobile studio on wheels! An amazing sight to see. Godin's Franco Contrino, Pasquale Cristiano and Simon Godin stop for a shot by the bus on their way into the Convention center.
Seagull artist Peppino D'Agostino performs on the John Lennon tour bus stage on the Saturday of the show.
Peppino always manages to wow his audience. It's little wonder why he was voted Acoustic Guitar Player of the Year by Guitar Player Magazine.
Peppino took the stage with his very own Seagull Peppino D'Agostino signature model.
Some of the Godin crew was there to listen and see Peppino in action!
An arial view of the Peppino D'Agostino performance and of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus stage. Hey! Who had the helicopter?
JLETB tech Jacob Voelzke ...shows us around the new bus.
A model of the John Lennon Peace Tower in October of 2007 onVidey Island in Reykjavik, Iceland.
The eye in the sky! An image of John Lennon kept watch over the crowd at the Imagine Party on Thursday night. Co-hosted by Godin Guitars, the night was a great way to introduce the new tour bus, see alot of friendly faces and hear lots of music!
During the Imagine Party, the Tony Levin band entertained the crowd.
The legendary Tony Levin is hard to miss when he's on stage!
During that evening, the bus was open for those who were curious to have a look around at all the bells & whistles on board! Here, bus tech, Tyler previews the newest music video they were working on.
Good times! Simon Godin, Ben Slater from Active Music UK, with Tyler and Jeff from the John Lennon Tour Bus.
On the Bus and on Screen! Godin Guitars was well represented at the Imagine Party.
A great location by the fountain to unwind and check out the band at the Imagine Party.
Patrick Godin and Lee Kok Bang from KL Malaysia next to the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.
Janet Godin with John Logothetis from Logothetis Music in Greece.
Pat Godin with Jes Saito from JES International Japan and Serge Abraham from Musico Saico France at the party.
Remy Bazinet from Centre de Musique Victor in Quebec with Guillaume DaSylva and Simon Godin.
Musico Saico reps were having a great time...and perhaps a few too many Beer Tickets!?!
Ah yes...the photogenic and lively Pasquale Cristiano and Ben Slater. Gotta love 'em!
Active Music U.K.'s Paul Hagen, Lee Worsley and Ben Slater.
Musico Saico's Annick and Serge Abraham with Simon and Pat Godin.
Godin's Fred DiSanto, Franco Contrino, Kat Calder-Becker and Guillaume DaSylva. What can we say we're happy to be onboard!!!
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