Where can I buy parts and accessories?

Parts and accessories can be ordered at our online store.

What if the parts I need are not available at the online store?

If the parts needed are not available at our online store, please contact our info line : info@godinguitars.com

Do you have a custom shop?

No, our factory is not set up to offer custom options.

What can I use to clean my guitar?

You can use Godin guitar polish on your guitar's body. It can be ordered at our online store.

Does Godin sell guitars direct to consumers?

Godin does not sell guitars direct to consumers, instead, we use a network of authorized and knowledgeable retailers both brick and mortar as well as online retailers. You can find a complete list of dealers here.

Why did I receive a backorder notification?

In some cases, a dealer may have claimed an order while that particular model was sold out. This rarely happens, but it can occur given that we get many orders within minutes of each other. If that does occur, you will be given an ETA or the option to cancel the order.

Combining guitars with accessories on the same online order

There will be occasions where a customer orders a guitar as well as some additional accessories. Please keep in mind that it would be impossible for our authorized dealers to carry every single accessory we offer, and in most cases, they will ship from different locations, therefore we will not be able to consolidate the order.

Why do I see a difference in the amount authorized and the amount charged?

Sales tax that is displayed in the checkout is estimated based on your shipping location and may not match the final charge on your card. The reason being that we redirect the online guitar sales to your local dealer. Some dealers have to pay a different tax rate based on their location. Excess sales tax charges previously authorized will be refunded automatically.

What happens if I want to cancel my online order or if I am not satisfied with the guitar?

Once the dealer claims an online order, he is responsible to deliver the guitar to you. Customers can request an in-store pickup by contacting the dealer directly. If you are not satisfied with your guitar, please contact your dealer within thirty (30) days of delivery for a refund.

How do I proceed if I should need warranty work?

Warranty claims are handled by our dealers. You should contact the dealer where the guitar was purchased.

What is the warranty on Godin Guitars?

All Godin guitars are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Electronics and hardware are covered for one year.

Is the warranty transferable?

No, the warranty is for the original owner only.

Which models are available for left handers?

You'll find our left handed models here.

How can I apply for a job at Godin?

You can email your resume at resume@godinguitars.com

Do you offer TRIC cases for solid body models?

No, TRIC cases are not available for solid body models

What is HDR?

A Godin guitar equipped with the High-Definition Revoicer (H.D.R.) system is like having 2 sets of pickups in 1 Godin guitar. The H.D.R. augments and revoices the frequencies of each pickup with a zero-hum, noiseless high-definition sound, giving players that extra bite along with a dynamic response that accentuates the natural nuances of the instrument. It is revoiced with an active preamp which enables you to go from passive to active pickups by pushing the button located between the tone and volume knobs on select Godin electric models. This “true bypass” system keeps the integrity of the passive pickups while making them active without any degradation in tone quality.

What is the Tru-lock Trem system?

Tru-lock Trem allows the player to regulate the tremolo arm placement by adjusting the rear sustain block with an Allen key (3mm). This locks the arm into a Custom Comfort Zone. The arm stays firm and true while offering smooth and complete mobility within the player’s Custom Comfort Zone.

How can I find a Godin dealer in my area?

Please visit our online dealer listing. Although we cannot guarantee that all dealers carry every product we make, the dealers listed are authorized Godin retailers and have access to our complete line.

Why does Godin Guitars discontinue some models from time to time?

We are always looking to improve, update, and innovate our products. Like other consumer-driven industries, we introduce new models every year and that means that some older models get replaced.

Where can I take my instrument or amp to be serviced?

The first point of contact should be the retailer where you purchased your instrument. If the guitar needs to come back to us, they will help you get an RA# (Return authorization number) from our Customer Support Team.If you prefer to have your instrument serviced locally, please feel free to contact our Customer Support at service@godinguitars.com and they will be able to provide you with the closest authorized repair center.

How do I become an authorized dealer?

Please email us at info@godinguitars.com and indicate what state or province you are based out of and we will forward your contact info to the appropriate sales representative.

Will Godin endorse me or my band?

We love to support artists that play our guitars! We have a lot of requests for support, so the best thing to do is submit an Artist Request Form.

How can I stay in the loop about new products and announcements?

The best way to stay up to date on all the Godin action is to follow our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

If you still haven’t found the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us by email at: info@godinguitars.com