Fusion of guitars & art to the festival de jazz de montreal | Godin Guitars

Fusion of guitars & art to the festival de jazz de montreal

Godin Guitars & SIMM return to this years Festival International de Jazz de Montréal with another silent auction for a good cause.


For immediate release:

Montreal, Canada – June 19th, 2008 – This summer marks the 4th edition of the ever popular Montreal Musical Instrument Show, also known as the SIMM, presented from July 3rd – 6th as part of the 29th annual Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. Montreal based Godin Guitars is once again a proud sponsor and has returned to collaborate with SIMM and Jazz Fest organizers to help make this years silent auction a success.

This partnership joins together the innovative guitar concepts of Robert Godin and the artistic vision of the festivals renowned poster designer, Yves Archambault, to create 13 exclusive guitars, which have been meticulously redrawn and painted by hand… truly making them stunning and unique works of art. Some of the Godin guitars featured in the auction are the Godin Montreal, the new 5th Avenue and the Multiac Spectrum, as well as the A4 Fretless, LGX-SA, LG HB, LG SP90 and the Redline 1. Godin’s new Richmond brand of electric guitars will be represented by the Dorchester model, along with acoustic models from Godin’s Norman and Seagull brands. These creative masterpieces have also all been given individual names by the artist, such as “Millenium”, “Maya”, “Swing” and “Skin Deep” to name a few.

All proceeds from the sale of these exclusive instruments will go towards the funding of the free activities featured at the SIMM, which, like the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal is a non-profit organization. Proceeds raised will be an integral part in contributing to the SIMM Music To Youth Fund, which promotes music making to young people through such youth projects as the Blues Camp for kids held during the festival.

Some of the other free Godin events during the SIMM show include the Robert Godin Guitar Workshop, on
July 4th (in english) & July 5th (in French), as well as the Godin Classic Rock Workshop, on July 4th & 6th, led by the extraordinary Montreal guitarist Joey Greco.

For information regarding the SIMM auction & other events:
Tel: (514) 871-1881 or 1 888 515-0515

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