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Multiac Duet Ambiance vs SA (synth access)

The Multiac models represent the crème de la crème of the acoustic/electric guitar world. Whether you’re recording, performing or just looking for an incredible plugged-in sound, these instruments deliver superb results in both nylon and steel string variations.

The various models are also distinguished by the two electronic systems used in the Multiac series guitars. The RMCTM equipped Multiacs include synth access capabilities and the Duet Ambiance models feature custom dual source systems by Fishman, voiced specifically for these Multiac guitars.

The Duet Ambiance

The Multiac Duet Ambiance models are equipped with a dual source system comprised of Fishman Aura electronics (mic imaging), blended with an under-saddle transducer. These state of the art custom electronics allow the player to select between 4 individual, high-end studio microphone settings. Choose between these blendable sound imaging mics via the 4-way selector switch. The Duet Ambiance produces superior dynamic response and frequency range. Ideal guitar for players looking for a an incredible, amplified nylon string sound and feel in a live and loud band setting with virtually no feedback. There are now two Duet Ambiance instruments in the Multiac family including the Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance and the Multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambiance.

Duet Ambiance output section

All of the Multiac Duet Ambiance guitars include a very simple ¼” (standard) output section that will work with a regular guitar cord.


The SA (synth access)

The Multiacs that use the RMC PolydriveTM system can be recognized by the individual transducer saddles under each string. This system not only

produces superb amplified sound, but also produces a hexaphonic output through a 13-pin connector, which provides these guitars with direct access to RolandTM GR-Series synthesizers. The RMCTM system with synth access is featured in the Multiac Nylon SA, the Grand Concert SA, the Multiac Spectrum, ACS-SA, ACS Slim, the Multiac Fretless and the Multiac Jazz. The key to the exceptional synth tracking of the Multiac lies not just in the electronics but also in the carefully selected and balanced blend of different wood used in its design. All of the materials used are the result of extensive prototype testing to achieve the best possible combination of plugged-in guitar sound and synth tracking.

SA output section

All of the Multiac SA models are equipped with two outputs. The ¼” phone output works with a regular guitar cord. The 13-pin connector provides hexophonic (a separate signal for each string) output that is compatible with a number of devices most notably the RolandTM GR-Series guitar synths.

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